Multimedia distribution of your information

Showcase your company news and product information in a wide range of communication channels with direct access to the point of sale.

Infront Publication Services

With Publication Services we offer you a wide range of communication channels for your company news and product information with direct access to the point of sale. Distribute your news and messages quickly, cost-efficiently and directly via various communication channels.

In the area of funds in particular, we can offer you individual publication concepts.

Media companies benefit from Infront's full-service offer. From pure data delivery to complex redesign of complete financial parts, we offer you a broad spectrum of services.

Infront Funds Service

Infront Funds Service

As a capital management or distribution company, you need to reach your specific target group effectively and cost-efficiently. Infront Funds Service offers you a unique platform for multimedia, high-reach and target group-compliant publication of your financial information. The leading publisher of daily fund information for private and institutional investors in Germany, Funds Service publishes the fund information of more than 15,000 funds approved for distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through various channels: print, online, teletext and our own applications

  • Internationally established list format (market standard)v
  • Fulfill the disclosure obligations of investment companies
  • Daily delivery of the desired media
  • Legally correct presentation
  • Efficient mapping of brand names and product offerings
  • High data quality and stringent quality management
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Infront PR Service

Infront PR Service

With Infront PR Services, you can reach several thousand financial professionals and several hundred thousand private investors via the channels we supply every day. The PR Services is a targeted, result-oriented and budget-optimised communication channel to the point of sale so that you can distribute your company and product information (e.g. on funds, certificates or warrants) to savings banks, local cooperative banks, branch banks, direct banks, insurance companies, fund companies and independent advisors and asset managers.

  • Rapid dissemination
  • Extensive reach
  • Multichannel approach: Print, online, teletext and via our own systems
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Infront Quote Service

Infront Quote Service

From minor improvements in layout, content or graphics to complex redesign of complete financial sections, we offer you a broad spectrum of services. With a technology specially designed for print production, we support the various production processes and time specifications of our customers on various levels as needed.

  • Ready-to-print financial pages in your own layout
  • Data, graphics, editorial content - according to your individual needs
  • Competent team with many years of industry knowledge
  • Refinancing through the marketing of standardized ad formats
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