Excel Add-In

Live streaming market data into Excel

With a seamless two-way integration from your Infront Professional Terminal with the Analytics Module to Microsoft Excel, you can populate Excel spreadsheets with live market data and analytics from Infront, build your own or use ready-made Excel models, and import lists from Excel into the Infront terminal.

You can create multiple company tables containing financial statements, estimates, multiples and ratios for all listed companies.

Maximize results with the Excel Add-in

With the powerful Excel Add-in to the Infront Professional Terminal, you can work faster and smarter. You can export live data from your Infront terminal to build your own calculations, or import the data from your Excel spreadsheets into Infront with a single click.

Sharing your data is also made easy, with data export to create customizable Excel reports.

Connect your data to Excel with a click

Connect your data to Excel with a click

The functionality provided in the Excel Add-in makes it easy to work seamlessly across spreadsheets, market data and analytics. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Quick Report: export field-based data from your Infront platform to Excel with easy refreshing
  • Time Series: export historical data for a list of instruments into Excel with easy data refresh
  • Download List: download list companies, index constituents and company peers
  • Model Library: pre-defined Excel templates for different categories
  • Function Module INFGET(): retrieve profile, fundamental and estimates data for companies, and time series for companies and instruments

Data export to Excel

Choose between two different ways to export data from the Infront terminal to Excel. You can click on the Excel icon beside a data set to bring it up directly in Excel.

Or, you can begin in Excel using the integrated Excel Add-in to build your models and data sets and import data. You can also start with ready-made Excel models provided by Infront.

Data import from Excel

Import your watch list, portfolio or basket of orders into Infront from an Excel spreadsheet with the easy to use Excel import function in the terminal.

Excel modelling is available for all data items of the Infront Analytics platform. With the Excel Add-in, you can create your own personalized and customizable Excel reports. You can also access our library of pre-built customizable Excel models.

Using the Excel Add-in Module

Learn how to use the Infront Professional Terminal Excel Add-in Module