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Access the closed user group area to receive the latest information on Infront Data Manager. If you do not yet have access to the protected areas, please contact our Customer Support. You'll find your local contact below.

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21.07.2021 - Infront Data Manager Connect  - Release 4.1.2 

Version 4.1.2 for Infront Data Manager Connect was released. All information are available for download as usual in the "Closed User Area" on our homepage.

21.05.2021 - Infront Data Manager Connect  - New Client Version 4.1.1

We would like to inform you of our version 4.1.1 of Infront Data Manager Connect. With this version we provide changed options for certificate authentication.

  • Certificates
    This version allow optional verification via certificate.
  • Global SSLSocketFactory
    Function setGlobalSocketFactory()was removed from the Java client. Infront certificates are thus checked locally.

To use the changed features please upload client 4.1.1. via Closed User Group (Login required. In case you forget your credentials, please contact our Customer Support).