Infront Professional Terminal

Profit from the most modern and intuitive market data and trading platform that's easy to learn and efficient to use.



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Easy to learn and efficient to use
No dedicated infrastructure or hidden costs
Easy to deploy
Get up-and-running in seconds
Easy to create user defined layouts

Benefits for UK users

  • Full-depth, Level 2 real-time data from the LSE
  • UK and global Macro economic data with up to 20 years history
  • Fundamentals and estimates on listed UK equities
  • Over 20 news sources covering UK and global markets
  • Global Unit Trust fund coverage
  • UK and global FX rates and money market coverage

Access Real-time Markets, News & Calendars

Be connected to a managed network of global market data and browse through thousands of headlines from leading local and international news sources, to never miss a signal again.

Electronic Trading

Manage your order flow seamlessly and optimize execution performance in real-time. Get access to a powerful, multi-broker solution that enables secure electronic trading with over 800 global counter parties.

A world of Analytics

Screen through up to 30 years of fundamentals and 5 years of estimates in an easy way. Access global equity analytics on more than 65,000 listed companies and compare their performance with the click of a button.

Sophisticated Excel Integration

Export real-time and fundamental data sets seamlessly into Excel or make use of our predefined Excel models through our dedicated Infront plugin.

Low Cost of Ownership

The Infront Professional terminal is very easy to download and install and requires no dedicated infrastructure except for internet. 

  • Easy to install, minimum system requirements – Download installer from the Infront website (50MB only)
  • No infrastructure – Save money with no infrastructure or maintenance costs
  • No dedicated lines – Connect from anywhere while cutting costs
  • Auto upgrades – Use less IT support to maintain, saving you costs
  • Easy to administrate - Turn markets on/off in real-time per user
  • Create user reports on the fly - control your costs

Discover investment opportunities faster with rich data and intuitive tools


UK Dashboard example

london stock exchange equities


London Stock Exchange Equities example