Inquiry Financial Consensus Estimates (IFCE) gives you access to the cleanest, most granular and most timely consensus estimates available in the capital markets today. With advanced charting capabilities and seamless integration of reported fundamental data, users can view a uniquely synchronised time series of historic and forecast data.


Our approach

Our online service gives our users access to the highest quality consensus available on the market today, this includes:


Clear, unambiguous labelling of data variables e.g. IFRS EPS vs Core EPS, reassures users that the consensus estimates are of unrivalled consistency.


Drill down under Revenues to get divisional estimates, or pull out estimates for key sector-specific value-drivers such as like-for-like store growth, passenger yields, loan losses or risk weighted assets for retailers, airlines and banks, respectively.


A consensus created with estimates that are pushed daily by brokers, combined with numbers that are gathered pro-actively just prior to each quarterly reporting season to ensure maximum timeliness.


Income statement and Balance Sheet data going back at least five years is uniquely synchronised with the estimates, allowing for 100% consistent analysis of time series data.


IFCE has evolved over time based largely on our clients' requirements. Our ongoing willingness to take a client-driven approach to enables us to create a broad range of options for our valued users.


Perhaps surprisingly, all this does not cost the earth. On the contrary, our pricing is remarkably competitive.