About Inquiry Financial

Inquiry Financial empowers investment professionals to use consensus estimates, with confidence. By eliminating the uncertainty and shortcomings so often associated with consensus, users secure a uniquely transparent perspective on the financial forecasts of the sell-side analyst community.

Uncertainty and shortcomings?


Disappointed at the ease with which consensus gets thrown out of line when a company includes an exceptional item? Inquiry consensus never mixes analysts’ adjusted and unadjusted estimates.


Fed up with the outdated emphasis on EPS for stocks in sectors where EPS expectations don’t drive valuations? Inquiry dives deeper into the analysts’ models to extract estimates for the relevant data variables, sector by sector.


Frustrated by the inclusion of stale estimates by consensus providers who claim the estimates have been “confirmed” only days before? Inquiry consensus is dynamic, securing sell-side contribution in a pro-active way.

What makes us different?

A relentless commitment to quality and detail is what differentiates Inquiry Financial from services offered by other database providers. Our qualified analysts examine the data with forensic attention to detail to produce data of unrivaled consistency and relevance to the investment community.


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