A Leading Nordic Bank Selects Infront as Technology Partner for Web Solution


A leading Nordic bank has selected Infront as a technology partner for it web-based financial data
solution. The bank is a provider of a full range of services towards different customer segments,
and is a leading provider of investment analysis. The bank gives customers the opportunity to
trade mutual funds, shares, and other market-traded instruments. Internet banking is the main
trading hub used by private investors, and includes various advice regarding funds or share
investments – in addition to information about markets and political events. Communication
about different types of investments mainly takes place by email, on the company’s website, and
some via mobile apps.


"Creating value by placing the customer’s needs first is of utmost importance to us. The Infront Web Solution has allowed us to save a considerable amount time in developing a personalized savings offering. We have lifted our web presence, and can now offer our customers a complete and proactive trading and information portal."

The Problem

To meet the requirements of private customers, the company would like to present their savings
offering in a modern way. The need for portfolio and trading functionality, in combination with an
information hub must be fulfilled in the new solution, with delivery through one complete service.
The bank would like to enhance the customer’s digital experience with additional distribution
channels, and a focus on mobile devices.

The Solution

The solution is based on the Infront Web Toolkit, providing ready-made HTML5
web components, which display real-time market data and trading services. The
bank has combined these with their own content and has significantly reduced
the time and resources that would be required to launch in-house market data
and trading services. The solution also enables significant cost savings as it
includes the managing and hosting of market data services. The technology
targets private investors and small and mid-sized companies, and is available to
the bank’s private and corporate clients as an open web service.

Effect on Business

With the Infront Web Toolkit, the organization aims to increase customer
satisfaction by being able to offer a personalized service for the end-user. The
quality of investment recommendations will improve, and trading functionality in
the Internet bank and in other distribution channels will be improved – yielding a
higher number of trades