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The Infront Professional Terminal comes packed with global market data, Excel capabilities, analytics and trading services, cutting through the noise and providing unique and precise market insight. 

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Infront offers a complete solution for both buy- and sell-side firms, whether it be lightweight, trading-focused or extensive. Brokers can easily integrate Infront with their execution environment, including their OMS system, algos and smart order types and trade on multiple asset classes from a single platform.

With full-depth, real-time data from the London Stock Exchange as well as macro economic data and local news sources, individual or professional users can make their investment decisions with confidence. 

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Professional-Grade Trading Terminal

With solutions developed over 20 years by industry experts, and with product development driven by professional traders' needs, the Infront Professional terminal has evolved into a fast, reliable, trading-focused terminal. Integrating easily with your execution environment, including your OMS system, our terminal gives your traders an agile tool, and you access to an effective holistic overview, including accounts and positions, risk management and compliance functionality.

Algorithmic and Multi-Asset-Class Trading

Trade any asset type your OMS supports from a single solution: Infront offers full integration for any algorithm that supports FIX and all major asset classes.

Manage your order flow seamlessly and optimize execution performance in real-time. Get access to a powerful, multi-broker solution that enables secure electronic trading with over 600 global counterparties.

Lit and Dark Liquidity

Up to 50% of trades happen outside the primary markets.  Consolidation features in Infront combined with MTF data ensures you find liquidity from lit orderbooks, dark pools, OTC trades and broker internalizers.