Are you spending too much money on market data?


Market data is becoming an increasingly complex and costly area for your company every year. Exchanges are creating new fees and pricing strutures that force your company to comply with. Infront focuses on simplifying the market data challenges your company currently faces by offering the Infront Professional Terminal. The Infront Professional Terminal comes packed with advanced functionality, access to global markets, is easy to implement and provides easy real-time user administration - all at a very competitive price

Benefits for administrators

  • Full control of monthly spending in an intuitive user interface
  • Web-based entitlement system
  • Easily turn real-time markets on/off per user
  • No data feed agreement required with the exchanges

Managed service

  • No server infrastruture required
  • Market data managed and hosted by Infront at Interxion data centres
  • Infront handles all exchange reporting 
  • No extra PC requirements as other international vendors forces your company to purchase

 Highlighted features

  • User administration can be setup with different permissions and rights (ie read only)
  • Reports fully supported by MDSL and Screen Infomatch
  • End users can request services from the terminal sent to your market data team directly
  • Make reports on-the-fly

Integration of in-house data

With the Infront platform your company can integrate different types of data with full user control

  • OTC prices
  • Time series
  • Research reports
  • News
  • Videos
  • Reference data

Infront Professional Terminal at a glance