Infront Treasury Solutions

Access a broad universe of real-time global data together with sharp tools and analytics to help you follow fast-moving markets, manage financial resources and risks, and optimize hedging strategies

Navigate financial risks

Your priorities as Head of Treasury or CFO are clear: optimize long-term funding; secure short-term liquidity and optimize hedging;  and mitigate currency, credit and counterparty risk. You need a dedicated and comprehensive information system in order to make firm decisions. and give you increased transparency, better control and enhanced performance. 

As you strive to manage your challenges, we can help you with our Infront Treasury Solutions, a cost-effective, intuitive technology that puts you ahead of the game.

Treasury challenges

Modular solutions

Infront Treasury Solutions include two main products for the treasury professional: Infront Professional Terminal for Treasury and Infront Data Manager Treasury, both of which can be used together or separately for a comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use solution for your treasury needs. And you can streamline your workflow by connecting it all to your Treasury Management/ERP system via existing partners or customer integration.

Infront Professional Terminal

Find what you need, faster, in the solution designed with your treasury requirements in mind. The Infront Professional Terminal for Treasury combines specialized data with real-time global data, trusted market insight and extensive tools and analytics making it easy to stay on top of your investments. 

Access hundreds of price sources from regional banks, global brokers, and exchanges in real-time.  Comprehensive Fixed Income and FX data provides you with direct OTC contributions from global banks in addition to global exchange data and inter-dealer broker data.

Infront Data Manager

Get comprehensive market data directly in your Treasury Management System with automated imports  via the internet to give you the data you need in a convenient and secure manner.

Choose data from our predefined Treasury packages or opt for any number of additional, customer-specific data packages providing coverage, for example, of equities, funds, bonds commodities and index values.

Fast and simple implementation for your TMS

The data can be implemented into existing treasury management, ERP and cash-management systems such as SAP, Bellin, Technosis, Reval, TIPCO, COPS, Trinity, Serrala or any other solution you might have in place.

Infront Treasury Solutions comprehensive data universe, tools and insights

Specialized data

  • IBOR Fixings, deposits, and reference rates
  • Swaptions, Caps & Floors
  • Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs)
  • Currency and tenor basis Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)
  • Overnight Index Swaps (OIS)
  • Deposits Rates
  • FX Spots, Forwards and Options
  • Benchmark, Mortgage and Municipal Bonds
  • Treasury Bills and Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Credit Default Swaps, including ITraxx indices
  • S&P Ratings
  • ECB Fixings/Reference rates
  • Central Bank data
  • Indicative and Historical volatilities

Analytics and tools

  • Spread Matrix
  • Curve interpolation and graphical analysis
  • Yield Calculators
  • 3D Volatility Surface
  • FX Forward Calculator
  • Advanced Curve Chart
  • Excel Integration
  • Desktop API for R and Python
  • Integration to advanced PowerPoint add-in from
  • Integration to third party systems

Market insight

  • Tullet Prebon
  • ICE Futures Europe: Commodities & Financials
  • Dow Jones Newswires (including Global FX and Fixed Income News
  • TDN Finans
  • Nyhetsbyrån Direkt
  • Ritzau Finans

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