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Infront Professional Terminal

The most intuitive financial platform on the market

  • Global market data – more than 8 million instruments
  • Indices, equities, ETFs, derivatives, fixed income and FX
  • Professional news services
  • Global equity fundamentals, estimates and ratios
  • Macro- and company calendars
  • Infront Portfolio Tracker
  • Symphony Chat integration enabled
  • Excel RTD integration and Desktop API lite
  • Infront Mobile apps

Infront Professional Terminal modules

Tailor your Infront Professional Terminal to suit your needs by adding specialized modules. After marking the Infront Professional Terminal above, you can mark the modules below that you want to include in your quote.

ESG Module

Comprehensive ESG data for sustainable investment decisions

  • The largest ESG databases in the industry with 30,000, + companies, 200,000+ funds, 400+ countries and governments
  • Quality data & science-based methodology sourced from more than 65 data providers
  • One unified way of measuring ESG making it easy to compare investments and portfolios
  • Powerful tools for screening and analysis for insights on sustainable investments
  • ESG templates simplify regulatory reporting for pre- and post-trade compliance
  • ESG overviews and customized reporting for professional and efficient customer and investor communication

Trading Module

Trade electronically with global counterparties

  • Mono or multi-broker solution
  • Realtime blotters
  • DMA, Care, Strategies available from selected brokers
  • Click Trading, Basket Trading, Import of orders

Equity Analytics Module

Comparable analysis platform with in-depth fundamental data on over 85,000 listed companies worldwide

  • Annual and interim financial statements with 5-year history
  • Consensus estimates with 4-year forecast, actuals and historical data
  • Valuation multiples, financial ratios, beta values
  • Easy-to-use, powerful multi-criteria screening tools
  • Predefined company peer groups
  • One-page company fact sheet
  • Excel add-in with smart export to Excel and refreshable template models
Equity analytics premium add-on
More in depth analytics and up to 20 years of fundamental data
  • Financial statements history up to 20 years
  • Full standardized items
  • 3-pages company fact sheet
  • Segment data

Treasury Module

Optimize long-term funding and hedging, secure short-term liquidity and mitigate credit and counter-party risk

  • OTC data from selected banks
  • IDB data from Tullett Prebon including rates, FX, FI, MM
  • Rate fixings including Euribor, Libor ++
  • iTraxx indices
  • Premium FX data
  • FX Fwd Calculator
Treasury Premium add-on
Treasury Premium add-on
  • Complete Caps & Floors surface for over 20 rates
  • FX Options for over 100 currency pairs

Morningstar Funds module

Screen through an extensive database of global mutual funds and identify investment opportunities

  • Global Funds data
  • Funds Overview including holdings
  • Ratings and KID documents
  • Funds screener

Corporate Debt Module

Get access to corporate bond data, bond calculator and analysis

  • Bond screener
  • Bond calculator
  • Bond overview
  • Contributed OTC data

All prices listed are excluding VAT. Real-time and fee liable data can be added or removed during the subscription.

Infront offers several 3rd party services including professional news, research and other specialist data. This can be added and removed at any time. For an overview see here.

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