Zooming in on global data

With macroeconomic data ranging from available IP addresses in a country to GDP growth, the data offering and analytic capabilities in the Infront Professional Terminal are stronger than ever in the latest release.

The latest addition to the Infront Professional Terminal brings a whole new dimension to macroeconomic analytics and data discovery, so you can access the global data you need. Gain important insights with overviews based on more than 7000 macroeconomic data points. You can track historic data as well as forecasted data for each and every global data point, covering a vast array of criteria, from consumer spending and GDP growth, to car manufacturing, weapon sales and unemployment.

With all this data at hand, you need powerful tools to find and make sense of the information that is relevant for you. The Infront Professional Terminal makes it easy to search, filter, sort and analyze data so that you can cut through the noise and identify investment opportunities quickly and easily. Read on for a taste of what’s possible in the latest version.

Create the overview you want with the data you need.

The top navigation bar allows for granular filtering of the regions, countries and macroeconomic topics you want to display:

enter image description here

For example, you can choose to view GDP data for all European Union countries:

enter image description here

You are now two clicks away from a visual comparison of the indicator Annual GDP growth rate. By highlighting one item in the indicator section GDP Annual Growth Rate and clicking either the Bar Chart or Compare button in the top right corner of the window:

enter image description here

you get a quick overview of all countries available within that Indicator:

enter image description here

When you place the cursor over one of the bars, the corresponding country will be highlighted in the bottom section. You can also add any item from the Macroeconomic indicators to a watch list or view them in focus window. Each indicator comes with an indicator specific Overview Window where historic values are combined with forecasted values both in a chart and as a table:

enter image description here

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