VIDEOS: Discover 3 new Infront 6.4 features in 3 minutes

We released Infront 6.4 earlier this month with better alerts, new yield and swap curve charting and currency conversion in charts. We know you’re busy, so we’ve put together three short videos showing you how to use these new features. Take three minutes and check them out.

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Improved cross-device (and email) alerts

Now you can set alerts on Custom Lists and Chains, and get alerted in the terminal, on your mobile devices and even via email.

New yield and swap curve charts

You can chart historical curves easily with a click. Comparing multiple curves is now as easy as dragging and dropping a new instrument onto your chart.

Currency conversion in charts

Make a fair comparison of instrument performance across currencies by converting currency directly in your charts.

How to upgrade

Get access to these and many other new features by upgrading today. Click below to download Infront 6.4 or go to Menu > Help > Get Latest Version in the terminal. If you are not able to update software on your own PC at work, contact us and we can help your IT department to upgrade you and your colleagues to the latest version.