The biggest update of the year, so far

The biggest update of the year, so far
Infront is kicking off the summer with a major upgrade of the professional terminal. As always, based on valuable feedback from our customers as we strive to create value through the most user-friendly solutions. Now with portfolio tracker – the ultimate tool for real-time portfolio oversight.



Track your investments and the market

Access the brand new portfolio tracker, an enterprise solution that allows a seamless integration with your existing Portfolio Management and Trading System. View, track and interact with your portfolio directly through the Infront Professional terminal.

This intuitive and effective tool gives you a complete overview of your portfolios and the market with portfolio specific news, research, macroeconomic events and fundamental analytics for the portfolio holdings. With cross-platform real-time alerts, you are always updated on portfolio performance, holdings and events.

In addition to integrating with your Portfolio Management system, Portfolio Tracker can also import portfolios via Excel or csv files. With multi-account management you can easily search your client’s portfolios and oversee intra-day performance of multiple portfolios. Track your investments and the market – all in one place and in real-time.

Enhanced institutional trading

The new release has several enhancements to trading features and order flow management. The new program trading module gives you a higher level of flexibility and ability to handle, execute and monitor single stock- or larger sets of orders.

A new trading window which let you easier separate between sets of client orders or orders allocated to separate accounts. It also let you send multiple orders simultaneously with a given set of parameters such as Volume, order type & broker algo strategy.

Now, more user friendly than ever before

Infront is the most user-friendly financial terminal on the market. Also with this release, we are improving the user interface with both design and functional enhancements. We have tidied up and simplified the menu to improve the user experience and navigation in the Infront terminal.

Improved Charting

Infront’s advanced charting tools have been strengthened with two new chart types, Henkin-Ashi and Origin Line. We have also improved the snap line and price volume chart. All this and more to help you visualize, understand and act upon the huge amounts of information available.

origin line Infront

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