Legae Peresec innovates business in choosing Infront trading technology

Legae Peresec innovates business in choosing Infront trading technology
Infront announced today that Legae Peresec, South Africa’s largest broker, has chosen Infront to provide a complete online market data and trading solution.

Infront and Legae Peresec have signed an agreement in which Infront will provide Legae Peresec with its comprehensive trading solutions including the Infront Active Trader, Infront Web Trader, Infront Professional Terminal and Infront Connect services. Legae Peresec decided on Infront solutions as they offer global market access, multi-venue trading functionality and a real-time portfolio view, all in one user friendly terminal. Additionally, with the Infront solutions Legae Peresec can offer trading capabilities to their retail clients and real-time market access to their DMA clients, all in an integrated, flexible, and scalable solution.

“As South Africa’s largest broker, we need to be on the forefront of new technology, giving our traders the edge they need, and enabling us to offer our clients the latest in trading technology and ultimately give them a better user experience,” commented Tshepo Maseko, Executive Director at Legae Peresec.

Moving forward, Infront will offer Legae Peresec connectivity to South Africa’s alternative exchange, A2X Markets, which will allow them to trade on both the JSE and A2X from the Infront solution. This functionality is of increasing importance to investors as A2X continues to grow.

“Legae Peresec is leading the way as one of the first South African brokers to invest in modern, innovative trading technology. Infront’s ability to integrate easily with the broker’s current systems alongside our competitive price point made the transition easy for them,” said Renier Linde, Managing Director of Infront South Africa.  “We are extremely proud to be a part of Legae Peresec’s transformation and we are excited to be their technology partner as they grow into the future.”

About Infront

Infront provides a unique combination of global market data, news, analytics and trading tools. With proven solutions developed over 20 years by industry experts, the Infront product suite helps buy-side and sell-side institutions grow their businesses, reduce costs, adapt to fast changing market requirements and work more effectively with ever-increasing amounts of information. Over 20,000 subscribers worldwide rely on Infront’s services. Infront is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has offices in seven countries.

About Legae Peresec

Legae Peresec, through its acquisition of Peregrine Equities Ltd earlier this year, is one of the largest participants on the JSE’s equity and derivatives market and is a market leader in hedge funds, derivatives and the electronic trading space.


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