Introducing the modern, agile trading terminal

Once regarded as a status symbol – with a $20,000 annual subscription proof you’d made it to the Big Time – the premium trader desktop is now under fire as ravaging cost cuts begin to bite even in those areas heretofore considered sacrosanct.

"You can have a Bloomberg or a Reuters, but not both."

You won’t find, as you once did, personal assistants using Bloomberg terminals to calculate their high-flying bosses’ international travel expenses. But the atmosphere of austerity pervades more deeply than outlier examples such as this. If the first step toward lower operating costs was to decide between the two dominant desktops – you can have a Bloomberg Professional or a Reuters 3000Xtra, but not both – the latest wave of cuts is threatening the very existence of the premium service as a species.

There IS an alternative

Firms are realising, albeit under duress from their finance departments, that there is an alternative to the over-dimensioned packaged offerings that have formed the mainstay of trading information services for the past three decades. The emergence of modern, agile market data desktop solutions from the likes of Infront can deliver the performance and functionality traders require at a fraction of the cost of a premium product.

The ‘stickiness’ of incumbent high-priced services is being eroded, as key data coverage, sophisticated functionality and essential trading tools become more widely available and cheaper. Today’s streamlined modern market data service can deliver advanced analytics, high-quality news, accepted market monitoring, chat and more. With no legacy technology and infrastructure to carry as baggage, modern services can make use of modern systems and interface design to present a service better suited to today’s discerning trader.

Giving premium services a run for their money

This week sees the launch of Infront version 6.0, a major upgrade to its market data terminal offering that makes the performance, coverage and ease of use associated with modern premium market data terminals available at highly competitive rates.

The new Infront release combines premium-quality data coverage and functionality with a new, highly intuitive customer interface to create a modern market data terminal, available on compelling commercial terms. The combination of powerful functionality, a modern, intuitive UI, and compelling commercials is turning heads among even the most jaded of market data managers.

Revolutionising the user experience with a unique graphical user interface and intuitive search, Infront 6.0 is a modern market data service that offers world class data coverage from a wide range of sources. Add in news from Dow Jones and Direkt, index data, company fundamentals and even social media news, and what you have is a cost-effective service that can give any premium a run for its money.

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