Infront integrates institutional research via RSRCHXchange

Infront integrates institutional research via RSRCHXchange
London, Stockholm - Infront, a leading trading and information solution provider for professional investors, today announced a partnership with RSRCHXchange, to provide its institutional clients with access to the RSRCHX platform, the online marketplace for institutional research.

The partnership makes institutional research, from more than 140 research providers, available on the Infront Terminal from 21 September and will provide Infront clients with a seamless integration between global real time market information and research published on RSRCHX.

Tstrong texthe RSRCHX platform is a research aggregation, procurement and management solution built in consultation with both asset management institutions and research providers to address the challenges of MiFID II compliant research procurement. The RSRCHX platform launched in September 2015; research from over 140 providers is now available to approximately 1000 buy-side firms, and the number is increasing every day.

Morten A. Lindeman, CTO and Co-Founder of Infront, said: “We are pleased to offer our clients a state of the art solution for accessing a marketplace of MiFID II compliant online research. This enables our Infront users to buy research in a more efficient, transparent and auditable way. We see this as an important step in following the future demands on how financial research will be consumed in a post-MiFID II world”.

He added: “Having this great research platform available in the Infront terminal makes it easier for asset managers to access, procure and pay for institutional research and by that potentially adjust investment decisions”.

Jeremy Davies, Co-Founder of RSRCHXchange, said: “We are very excited about the partnership with Infront. What we set out to achieve was to make research easy to find and access from any working environment. Not only will the collaboration make RSRCHX research accessible on the Infront platform; it will also open the research available on our platform to thousands of new users. Infront’s institutional buy-side clients can now access and procure research via one centralised platform. We look forward to working with Infront and their clients in the future”

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Magnus Lindelöf Product Manager


Sybille Mueller Director, Streets Consulting

About RSRCHXchange:

RSRCHXchange is THE online marketplace for institutional research. Built in consultation with asset management institutions and research providers, the RSRCHX platform is a research aggregation, procurement and management solution for institutional asset managers which radically modernises the way in which financial institutions buy and sell research.

Ahead of MiFID II unbundling changes coming into force in January 2018, the RSRCHX platform enables buy-side firms to access institutional research from over 140 providers in a more efficient, discerning and transparent way. The RSRCHX dashboard offers an automated way for asset managers to track firm- wide research consumption, to rate and evaluate the content they receive, to improve the procurement process and to ensure MiFID II compliance. At the same time, research providers benefit from access to a growing community of global buy-side firms and efficient payment, compliance and administration processes designed to help analysts focus on what they do best: producing insightful research.

Launched in September 2015 and headquartered in London, RSRCHXchange is the only research marketplace built to the specification of the international fund management industry, by experts with decades of fund management and research procurement experience. Our founders are committed to ongoing collaboration with both domestic and international asset management and research communities and continue to invest in additional functionality and platform enhancements. To find out more please go to or follow us on twitter @rsrchx.

About Infront:

Infront is an advanced market information and trading platform for professional investors. It provides a unique combination of real-time global market data, news, analytics and powerful trading tools. Infront’s terminal, mobile apps and versatile electronic trading solutions connects thousands of professional users across Europe to their local and international markets – helping financial institutions to reduce costs and work more effectively. Infront owns Nyhetsbyrån Direkt, TDN Finans and Infinancials. More information at