Infront - Breaking through in the UK market

Yesterday, Infront was a guest at the Tip TV-Linear Talk Hedge show in London. Watch Richard Burtsal, Infront Sales Director, being interviewed by Jerry Lees, Chairman of Linear Investments Ltd, on how Infront combines real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading in a single interface and its recent opening of a London office to support the UK market.

Infront is building on an existing partnership with Linear Investment providing fully integrated information and trading solutions to Linear’s clients.

Infront’s London office is positioning its solutions to capitalise on the fast changing market with its proven lightweight global market data, analytics and trading terminal. With the market being in a state of flux from pressures on reducing costs, additional compliance and risk checks, we believe the market is ready for a lightweight, cross platform, flexible and intuitive financial terminal. Infront is already helping companies to reduce costs and adapt to fast changing market requirements as well as being able to work more efficiently with the increasing amount of market information available.

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