Infront 6.1 is here (and it’s the most user-friendly Infront yet)

We’re pleased to announce that Infront 6.1 – the latest version of the Infront market data, analytics and trading terminal – is now available for download. Multiple UI improvements make this the most user-friendly Infront yet.

In addition to a brand new corporate debt module which you can read lots more about in a separate post, Infront 6.1 brings several UI improvements designed to make the most user-friendly terminal available even easier to use.

Download the latest Infront terminal here.

More efficient Symbol Overview Window

The Symbol Overview Window – one of the most-used windows in the Infront terminal – has been updated to display all key information about a symbol more efficiently. The window now displays trading status, and adapts dynamically to instrument type – showing only the most relevant information. Key data is available at a click, including single or consolidated orderbook, Company Overview page, charting and much more.

Side-by-side Market Window view

In response to feedback from Infront users, we’ve added a new side-by-side view in the Market Window, giving you a better overview and allowing you to fit more data on your screen. Just selectSide-by-Side View from the menu in any Market Window to enable the view.

High-contrast mode

For users who like a higher colour contrast in their terminal, the new High-contrast mode allows you to pump up the colours for increased readability. To activate, open the main menu and selectPreferences > User Interface > General.

Infront is a truly multi-asset terminal suited for the advanced needs of professional users. With news, funds, FX, bonds, global equity analytics, and an intuitive user interface, you get everything you need in one package.

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Get Infront 6.1 now Infront 6.1 is available for download now. Most Infront subscribers can upgrade directly from the terminal by selecting Main Menu > Help > Get Latest Version. Some users may need to contact their broker or IT department to upgrade.

Download the latest Infront terminal here

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[5]: Heading ##