Infront 6.0: Re-invented for finance professionals

We’re pleased to announce that Infront 6.0 is now released and available for download. This isn’t just another Infront terminal upgrade: We’ve re-invented the terminal to better suit the real-world needs of finance professionals like you. More efficient search and navigation tools, new ways to visualize financial data and one of the most modern, intuitive financial user interfaces ever released make Infront 6.0 look and feel better than solutions that cost up to three times as much.

What’s new in Infront 6.0?

This latest Infront release brings a range of new features and improvements:

Cool northern lights for less fatigue

The first thing you’ll notice when logging in to the new Infront terminal is a completely revamped user interface. Inspired by the northern lights, this new blue/green colour scheme is optimized for less fatigue during long days spent in front of the terminal compared to white or traditional black displays.

Find anything you need with intuitive search

With the new search in Infront 6.0 you can now search for anything. Pull up today’s movers for an index or the consolidated orderbook for an equity. Open a new market window, bring up the FX forward calculator or follow the news for a company – all directly accessible using Infront search.

The results are ranked based on the relevance for you and grouped by type. Colour coding and sub-menus makes it quick and easy find what you need.

The new Infront search tool.

A world of information at a click

Infront 6.0 introduces a brand-new Go Screen: Giving you one-click access to all of the multi-asset market data, news and analytics in the Infront terminal.

Need an overview of major commodity futures, US treasury bonds or upcoming Euro-zone macroeconomic events? You’ll find it all with one click from the Go Screen.

The new Infront Go Screen.

The most important info always at hand

The most important information you can’t miss – your key indicators, equities, currencies or commodities and the most recent news flash – is now always visible. To add a new instrument, simply drag and drop onto the toolbar.

The Infront toolbar

Faster, more efficient navigation

Navigating within the terminal has become much faster and easier in Infront 6.0. The new, simplified title bar does away with numerous buttons and puts the focus on efficiency. The new main menu gives you instant access to all the major functions of the terminal, clearly grouped and easily navigated using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

A real alternative to over-dimensioned premium desktops

The Infront terminal has truly become a viable alternative to over-dimensioned premium desktops. In addition to the improvements introduced with Infront 6.0, recent releases have brought a range of content and functions that you’d expect in premium services, including:

  • Global mutual funds data and intuitive fund search tools

  • Global FX data with FX forward (broken dates) calculator

  • Fundamentals on global listed companies with MS Excel™ export

  • Unique data consolidation including OTC and darkpool trades data

  • Company and Index overview pages

  • Overview pages for commodities, money market and government bonds

  • Corporate and macro calendar

  • Full free-text search in today’s and historical news stories

Download and free trials available now

Infront 6.0 is available for download now from the Infront website. Existing Infront users can upgrade, and 7-day free trials are also availale below:

Get your free trial now.

Need help?

The Infront Client Services team is available to help you – whether you are a trial user or an existing Infront customer. You can reach us at or via a local telephone number in your region.