How agile tools can help treasury managers wipe a basis point or two from the cost of funding

You’re the unsung heroes of the corporation. The internal mini-banks that make sure the cash needed to keep the wheels of the business turning is safe, liquid and available.

But whether you’re working in a treasury department of one or many, you need agile access to a core set of data and analytics that can not only help you fulfill your role, but can help you excel by wiping a basis point or two from the cost of funding.

And that can make the difference between a successful year and a not-so-successful one.

Treasury managers need a broad view of the marketplace

You need access to market and financial information that affects the cost of funding: bond market and foreign exchange data, loans information, interest rates and so on. But you also need to keep abreast of wider events that may impact your world, either from a financing or a purely business standpoint.

This translates into a unique – and diverse – set of requirements for the tools you need to perform your tasks. Historically, treasury managers have turned to premium desktop services to ensure they get access to the full range of data and functionality they need. But that need no longer be the case: Infront’s modular approach means that treasury management function can get the tools it needs without having to pay for the ‘excess baggage’ of data sets and functionality it doesn’t need.

More of what treasury managers need. Less of what they don’t.

Using Infront, you can get access to contributed data from money market and fixed income markets, allowing you to make informed decisions on behalf of your company. You can see prices from many banks and brokers, saving you from time-consuming telephone calls, as you seek out the best deal, or even more time-consuming procurement procedures.

You can use Infront’s analytical capabilities to drill down into market and product information. If your company has any FX exposures, Infront’s FX forwards calculator can help manage your FX risk and deal with FX forwards contracts. You can link incoming data to internal risk and portfolio systems, or can download into Excel for on-the-fly calculations or running analytical models.

Keep tabs on what affects your business

As well as these very specific capabilities, Infront can keep the treasury manager apprised of the wider world view. News services from Dow Jones Newswires, leading Nordic agency Direkt and others provide coverage local and global events and trends affecting their business.

Individual businesses may need coverage of specific industry segments, like commodities, chemical, pharmaceuticals, precious metals, mining and so on.

And all the while, Infront’s sector analysis helps you keep tabs on your company’s peers and competitors, giving you the data you need to respond in a rapid and informed way to intelligence requests from the CEO and board.

Don’t break the bank

Infront’s modular approach allows the treasury function to build a desktop solution that’s tailored to meet their needs. As ever, Infront’s innovative user interface ensures a cohesive fit between data sets and functions. And compellingly, because it’s not a one-size-fits-all package, the Infront terminal commercials won’t break the bank, even an internal one.