Free up desk space (and market data budget) with Infront’s new corporate debt solution

Are you using an expensive terminal alongside Infront, just to access corporate debt data? Infront’s brand new corporate debt solution gives you everything you need to know about listed and OTC corporate bonds – allowing you to free some valuable desk space and trim the fat from your market data costs.

Available as an add-on module in the latest release of the Infront market data, analytics and trading terminal, the new corporate bonds solution provides both buy- and sell-side market participants with extensive OTC and listed bonds data, a yield/price calculator and powerful debt screening functionality. Whether you’re working at a fixed income desk or an asset management unit, this new solution provides everything you need in a comprehensive yet easy to use module.

Check out the short video below for an overview of the new corporate debt solution:

In-depth coverage of OTC and listed corporate bonds

Covering the Nordic and largest European bond markets, the new module consolidates reference data with OTC and exchange pricing for thousands of corporate debt instruments. All this data is presented in unique Bond Overview Pages, showing you critical information in a single, compact view.

The Bond Overview Page combines reference data, call schedules, market and indicative prices and an overview of other bonds from the same issuer. From here, you can drill down into issuer fundamentals and analytics, and view all other venues where the instrument is traded.

Integrated yield calculator

With the brand new yield calculator, you can calculate yield from price and price from yield until maturity, next call, worst as well as a custom date – and the calculated yield is compared to a benchmark for spread analysis. You can also calculate the payment amount for a transaction, taking into account principal and accrued interest.

Powerful debt screening capabilities

Using the new debt screening tool, you can search by type of bond and coupon, security, issuer industry and country, currency, maturity, yield and minimum investment levels. This, combined with a free text search, ensures you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for, every time.

Multi-asset context for better investment decisions

As an integral part of the Infront terminal, the new corporate debt solution enables you to drill down into a wealth data – allowing you the best possible overview before making investment decisions. Infront is a truly multi-asset terminal suited for the advanced needs of professional users. With news, funds, FX, bonds, global equity analytics, and an intuitive user interface, you get everything you need in one package.

Contact us to set up a trial

The new corporate debt solution is available as an optional add-on module to the Infront terminal. Please contact us below for trial access to the module, or to request more information.

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