Five reasons why all finance pros should use Twitter - Reason #1: Information

My name is Sverre Rørvik Nilsen, but I'm probably better known by my Twitter handle @finansakrobat. I've been navigating the waters of Twitter since 2009 and I've learned a thing or two about how it works. These are some of the most important lessons in relation to finance: five reasons why all finance professionals should be using Twitter.

Reason #1: Twitter is the best source of unfiltered information

There's an internal phrase used by newspapers and TV to describe what they offer the readers and viewers; an edited reality.

You, the reader or viewer, is not expected to take in the entire stream of information - let the journalists do that. Let them wade through it, sort it, package it, simplify it, sharpen it, make it glossier and tabloid - and finally present it to you. Packaged like an unbiased representation of the world. But it’s not, it’s edited reality.

In 2003 this model peaked. Never had sales of newspapers been higher, TV had virtually any competition. Life was great.

But as information appears to “want” to be free, the world has shifted. The readers and viewers behave like they want to be their own editors of sorts. To create their own version of this edited reality. Be it on a Facebook page or as a Twitter-feed coming in or going out.

And in finance, information is the oil in the system. Therefore you have to make sure it’s of high quality.

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This is why Twitter is such an essential part of keeping tabs with the world of finance. If you spend 2 hours setting up your newsfeed, you can have free access to every single relevant news agency in the world. This means that you can get anything from Fox News to the Iranian news agency Fars into your feed.

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