Accessing investment research in a post-MiFID II world

Accessing investment research in a post-MiFID II world
Infront has now strengthened the research offering to our buy-side clients with equity research from Morningstar. We are working on several areas to make sure that our clients are well prepared for the upcoming major shift in the financial markets. Together with our recent partnership with RSRCHXchange this helps our users to address the challenges of MiFID II compliant research procurement.


As a consequence of the MiFID II regulations, taking effect on January 3, 2018 payment for research can no longer be bundled together with other services or paid for using an execution commission. These regulations aim to remove barriers for cross-border financial services within Europe and by that create a more transparent and structured marketplace.

“Equity research from Morningstar further strengthens our research offering in the Infront terminal. Being an independent research provider with great depth and breadth of global institutional coverage, with a transparent methodology and investor focus makes Morningstar a good partner for Infront. Furthermore, its long-term orientation aims to provide signal, not noise, something that matches Infront’s strategy of providing user-friendly and uncluttered information in the Infront terminal. This agreement, together with access to the RSRCHX platform, makes our users well prepared for accessing unbundled research in a more efficient, transparent and auditable way for a post- MiFID II world”, says Kristian Nesbak, CEO of Infront.

In addition to adjusting to the changes in how research will and can be consumed come MiFID II, Infront is working in close cooperation with our clients in order to ensure they not only meet the demands of the new regulatory framework, but also give them tools in order to handle the changes in the market structures.

The Infront Professional terminal and trading solutions will give clients the tools they need to understand, predict and analyse the markets on a micro-structure level with the Infront Liquidity Analytics. It will also let them, on a highly granular level, define and categorize end users, user categories to instrument type and individual instrument permissions. The flexibility of the Infront trading solutions helps clients to reach MiFID II order entry compliance by allowing any MiFID tag required to be displayed and utilized in the Infront terminal. This allows our sell side clients to have full audit trail on new tags such as order originator within firm, decision maker and other relevant tags of each client’s needs.

The Infront web technology allows clients to match the increasing demands on both pre- and post-trade transparency by providing an easy to deploy toolkit for performing SI or OTF publishing on the web. With the Infront Professional terminal and trading solutions you are well prepared to meet the MiFID II regulatory changes. Please contact us for more information.