Initiatives and Organisations

Initiatives & Organisations

Infront is an active member and/or supporter of various financial initiatives and organisations in order to stay abreast of events in specific segments as well as to share knowledge and exchange experience with market experts.

In April 2000, ALFI opened itself to industry players other than investment funds, so that the association now includes a wide selection of service providers: custodian banks, fund managers and administrators, transfer agents, fund distributors, law firms, consultants and tax advisers, auditors and accounting firms, IT services companies, etc. Luxembourg is the largest fund domicile in Europe and its investment fund industry is a world leader in cross-border fund distribution. Luxembourg-domiciled investment structures are distributed in over 70 countries around the globe.

The German fund association BVI represents the interests of the investment industry. Its 78 members currently manage around 2 trillion euros in mutual funds, special funds and asset management mandates. By representing the interests of its members, the BVI is committed to improving the framework conditions for investment investors. At the same time, the association is committed to equal opportunities for all investors in all securities markets. Through educational and awareness-raising activities, the BVI also aims to help citizens make meaningful financial decisions. The member companies of the BVI directly or indirectly manage the assets of around 50 million people in around 21 million households.

The German Derivatives Association represents the 17 leading issuers of derivative securities in Germany. It was founded on 14 February 2008 and has offices in Frankfurt a. M. and Berlin. As a political interest group, DDV - the largest of its kind in the world - is also active in Brussels.

The Bundesverband Finanzdienstleistung AfW e.V. is the professional association of independent financial service providers and insurance brokers in Germany. The federation represents the interests of approximately 40,000 insurance brokers as well as independent financial plant and real estate loan mediators from over 2.000 member enterprises. The AfW is in demand interlocutor of the policy within the entire range of the financial service. Its commitment is guarantor for the fact that the interests of the independent Finanzdienstleister in politics, economics and press are noticed and considered accordingly.

Infront is a member of the FISD network. FISD is a neutral forum that has served the financial information industry for 25 years. Our 200+ global member companies recognize that market data distribution, efficient trade execution, and regulatory compliance require a high level of consistent and predictable service - all of which are dependent on the close cooperation of many independent organizations and systems. Industry stakeholders support FISD as the forum of choice to identify and resolve the business and technical issues that affect the administration, distribution, and utilization of financial information.

Infront is a member of FIX Trading Community and Infront’s CTO is the co-chair of the Nordic subcommittee and the HPWG Marketdata subcommittee. The organisation is independent and neutral, dedicated to addressing real business and regulatory issues impacting multi-asset trading in global markets through standardisation, delivering operational efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced costs and risks for all market participants.

The non-profit "Association for the Promotion of Computer Science at the TU Kaiserslautern" e.V. (FIT), which was founded on 25.10.2007, has set itself the task of promoting computer science in general as a scientific discipline and in particular the faculty of computer science at the TU Kaiserslautern. This funding is intended both for university research and teaching, but also for general education in the field of computer science and for maintaining contacts between science and practice.

Frankfurt Main Finance is the voice of the Frankfurt financial centre. Under a catchy umbrella brand, we effectively position Germany's most important financial center in national and global competition. This starts with our presence at all important financial events in Frankfurt and extends to cooperation with our Russian partner financial centre Moscow. What we do, we do according to our values: straightforward, global, holistic. Our logo - a symbiosis of the Euro symbol, the "F" for Frankfurt and the globe - stands for this claim. The Main, as the artery of Frankfurt's centuries-long trading tradition and at the same time as an east-west axis, also plays a central role for our identity.

The OpenWealth Association’s mission is to strengthen Switzerland as a financial hub and innovation centre by connecting financial institutions, WealthTechs and other service providers, and by setting the Open API standard for a global wealth management community. Furthermore, the association aims to foster the exchange of expertise among its members and with third parties, as well as to cooperate with organizations of similar nature in Switzerland and abroad.


The VDM is a lobby and service association for the entire metal trade. It represents the interests of over 200 member companies, not only from Germany. With its numerous branches and subsidiaries, VDM even counts around 500 companies among its members. It is an important link between politics and business. As a federal association of non-ferrous metal wholesalers and the non-ferrous metal recycling industry, it offers its member companies a wide range of services.

VDT e.V. - Verband Deutscher Treasurer e.V. is the leading national professional association for corporate treasury. It was founded in 1997 and currently has financial managers from almost 600 companies in German-speaking countries as members. Our members represent large corporations as well as medium-sized companies, banks, consulting companies, software providers, auditing companies and law firms. The size and diversity of its members ensures the association's leading position in the economy.

The Association of Independent Asset Managers Germany e.V. (VuV) represents the interests of bank-independent financial portfolio managers. The most important concern of the VuV is to contribute to establishing independent asset managers as important partners on the capital market, to strengthen contact and exchange among the members, to develop an industry awareness and to be perceived positively by the public.

The Association of Austrian Investment Companies (VÖIG) was founded on 20.01.1988 and is the umbrella organisation of all Austrian management companies (VWGs) and all Austrian real estate investment companies (Immo-KAGs). VÖIG represents 100% of the fund assets managed by Austrian VWGs and Immo-KAGs.