Corporate governance

As of listing, Infront is subject to reporting requirements for corporate governance under the Accounting Act section 3-3b as well as Oslo Børs' "Continuing obligations of stock exchange listed companies" section 7. The board of directors will include a report on the Infront's corporate governance in each annual report.


Investor Relations Policy

Investor Relations (IR) activities in Infront ASA shall contribute to ensure that the information disclosed to participants in the financial markets provides the best possible basis for a correct valuation of Infront. 

The overall target for the IR activities is to ensure that Infront complies with the laws and regulations that are applicable for a company listed on Oslo Børs. Infront's IR activities shall ensure that all participants in the financial markets have simultaneous access to accurate, clear, relevant and complete information about Infront's performance and market position, in order to give the financial markets a precise picture of the Company's financial position and other factors that may influence value creation in Infront.

Through an open and close dialogue with financial market participants, the investor relation function shall also contribute to the views and comments of market participants being made known to the management of Infront.

Infront has implemented a manual on disclosure of information and handling of inside information which facilitates compliance with the relevant stock exchange rules and the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. The board of directors reviews and evaluates the content of this manual at least annually.

Ethical Code of Conduct

Infront ASA shall conduct its business with the highest ethical standards. We are committed to, and expect the highest ethical standard and integrity from all of the employees and affiliates. Infront's business shall always be conducted with integrity and in respect of laws, culture and individuals. Infront shall comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Infront ASA has zero tolerance of corruption in all its forms, including facilitation payments extortion, bribery and trading in influence. Infront does not accept any form of corruption in any of its activities.

Infront shall uphold a working environment that is characterized by openness, communication, and respect for the individual. No discrimination, harassment or bullying shall be tolerated. Diversity, and a balanced work force in terms of gender, is recognized as a strength and an advantage. Infront shall offer a working environment where it is possible to combine work, career, family life and spare time. 

Primary insiders

 Surname  First name  Title  Position
 Bauge  Jone    Auditor
 Grauer  Florent

 Head of Product Management

 Hofer  Max  Chief Financial Officer  
 Ivin  Mark    Board member
 Jacobsen  Gunnar    Chair of the Board
 Jacucci  Edoardo    Board member
 Kersting  Udo  Chief Sales Officer  
 Koch  Fredrik  Chief Technical Officer  
 Landsnes Avnung  Bente    Board member
 Larsen  Berit  Head of Group Accounting  
 Lindeman  Morten Alexander  Chief Innovation Officer  
 Nesbak  Kristian  Chief Executive Officer  
 Nygårdshaug  Beate Skjerven    Board member
 Rosli  Joachim  Business Development Director  
 Røer  Benjamin  Head of M&A  
 Wrigfeldt  Erik John Daniel  Head of Group Content